PremiumPress WordPress theme review


Here I am proving preiumpress theme review. Its for all the PremiumPress theme in general. For specific theme, see the related theme link.

What is PremiumPress ?

PremiumPress is a recognized name in the WordPress theme section. It has a large collection of theme in the market and it’s one of the popular theme for WordPress available in the market. Other popular themes inlcudes AppThemes, Genesis, Divi .. to name a few.

PremiumPress offer all business theme, means you can use it for business, to make some money of it.

The most Popular of them are: Directory Theme, Coupon Theme, Auction Theme, Shopping Theme, Dating Theme, Digital Download Theme, Video Theme, Music Theme

Recently the Set of themes has been updated and its shows a better deafult look then ever. Earlier the deafult one looks very bad in desgin.

Ease of Use:

It offers a ton of setting for the users to customize the theme. Including, but not limited to:

  • Email for new listing, expired listing, renewale etc
  • Membership Options
  • Pay-per-listing feature
  • Claim Listing

What I found most interesting is, its developer friendly. Means it can be extended in almost every cases. This was the first theme, I started to play with WordPress and it teaches me many things in the WordPress World.


So, what’s your view about PremiumPress themes ?


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